I’m thrilled to announce the Clarity Intensive

Nearly a year ago, I had an idea. Since then, I’ve been working to make that idea a reality.

One day in early 2016, I left a client engagement with a deep sense of fulfillment. We had spent a meaningful two days together, and my goal had been simple: to help facilitate clarity in life and work. Together, we did the hard work of clarifying and defining one’s deepest calling, as well as identifying next steps to make that vision happen.

Days later, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had to bring that experience to more people. But doing individual two-days sessions not only wasn’t practical—I spend months preparing for a two-day session with one client—it also wasn’t going to reach all that many individuals.

I knew there had to be a solution, a way to help more people find clarity and move forward to accomplish the big “what next” in their lives. I started thinking back to my decade of work with clients. I also began listening to the people around me:  successful individuals who felt like they had a next great endeavor inside of them. The problem was, they lacked the clarity, direction, and actionable next steps to move forward.

Then, one day, it hit me: I could expand the experience to serve a group of people. I could do it in an amazing location with incredible facilitators who could make the experience even more profound.

I was nearly shaking as the idea took shape. As I write about it now, I’m taken back to that moment—the exhilaration of the idea, knowing I’d hit on something meaningful that would influence the course of people’s lives.

Within days, I had the name: The Clarity Intensive. Beautiful, right?

After gathering an amazing team, spending months crafting the schedule, reviewing hundreds of locations, and taking two scouting trips, we are thrilled to announce the date and location: October 1–4, 2017, in San Diego, California.

The Clarity Intensive, at its core, is designed for high achievers who feel like they aren’t yet satisfying a deep calling their lives. In essence, they’re looking to answer the question: what next?

What’s next may be a career shift or new business. It might be an exciting goal or big project. It could be a humanitarian effort. There are a number of things that fit under the umbrella of “great endeavor.”

Our goal in the intensive is to provide the space, time, and facilitated introspection to sort through the next steps in life. Specific takeaways include:  ​

  • Renewed purpose and passion for business and life
  • Reflective writing that documents the ideas, realizations, and awareness created during the Intensive
  • Actionable coaching from top advisors and coaches in the country
  • The start to a vision plan
  • A new network of inspired, driven people—some who may become lifelong connections
  • A kick-start toward achieving your deepest calling

I’m extremely excited to finally get the opportunity share the Clarity Intensive with you. The Intensive team and I have poured our hearts and expertise into this four-day small-group Intensive.

So, I’ll ask: Are you ready for what’s next in your life? Are you excited to uncover, clarify, and achieve a deep calling in life or work?

If so, join us October 1–4 in San Diego. It will be one of the best investments you’ll make this year.

And if you’re planning to register, don’t delay. Seats will fill fast.

I hope you’ll join us!


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