5 Tips for Setting Up a Writing Space

My writing space has shifted a lot over the years. It’s grown and changed right along with my life and business. In the Dominican Republic, I wrote on my bed, mostly because the bedroom was the only room with air conditioning. I could hear the street sounds of Santo Domingo rise up to our fifth-story […]

Finding Balance: 9 Strategies for Getting More Done

“Wow. How do you balance everything?” This is what a woman asked me a couple of days ago, and I get a variation of this question almost every single week. After thinking it over, I finally said, “I just work really hard.” But the other person seemed genuinely interested—and maybe a little skeptical—on how I’m […]

Success Secrets: Why It’s All Up to You

I had the opportunity last night to speak at my alma mater, Boise State University. The audience consisted of students pursuing or considering studies in English. The topic: How did your education impact your career? The panel I was on included a scholar, teacher, grant writer, and me. I so enjoyed listening to each of […]