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    Stacy Ennis

    Bestselling author, speaker,

    and trainer

    About me

    I've lived my life on my own terms. As a location-independent entrepreneur and author, I've lived in four different countries and built a business and life in alignment with my vision for my life. I've written, coached, or edited dozens of books and had a hand in hundreds more; served as the long-time ghostwriter for a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and as executive editor of a national magazine that reached around 11 million readers; and cofounded Next Level Women Leaders, a leadership training company—all while seeing the world.

    What you'll learn

    This guide provides a step-by-step process to engage in introspection, think deeply about your future, and define the life you want. From there, you can begin to make decisions in alignment with your vision and values. This guide will get you started on your own unique path, and open you up to something you used be great at: dreaming. As you dream, you create a vision of what's possible. And once you have clarity of vision, the task is to make it happen.