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You're a manager who wants to grow your influence.

You want to scale your influence, grow your income, and step into your purpose. Writing a book is a proven way to achieve all those goals—and so much more. But where do you start? You guessed it: the book idea.

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    "I wholeheartedly feel that if you fear taking action in writing your authentic story to help others, Stacy can help you unlock the process and make it feel like an amazing journey of discovery. Highly, highly, highly recommend her! Truly life changing."

    Misty Megia

    CEO and business strategist

    About Stacy Ennis

    I'm a best-selling author, speaker, and trainer who has been obsessed with books since childhood. Over the last ten-plus years in the publishing industry, I've written, coached, or edited dozens of books and had a hand in hundreds more.

    I also served as the long-time ghostwriter for a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and as executive editor of a national magazine that reached around 11 million readers. I’m the founder of Nonfiction Book School, a program for aspiring authors, and have trained leaders from Starbucks, The Boeing Company, Intuit, and more.

    About The Guide

    Based on my experience working with hundreds of authors over the course of my career, I created this four-step ideation guide to help you uncover and clarify your book idea. In this guide, I'll walk you through my signature ideation process: dream, explore, clarify, and decide. You'll also receive additional emails with helpful resources and inspiration to support your author journey.

    If you've been talking about writing a book for years but don't know how to start—and know that a book is your next step toward growing your influence, impact, and income—this guide is for you.