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speaker of impact

Whether I’m training 700 employees at an organization, speaking to a crowd of thousands as a keynote, or conducting an intimate twenty-person training, I’m there to support the audience's growth. I speak about self-leadership through lifestyle design; accessing creative genius, strategic thinking, and flow; and writing powerful content.


Self-leadership through lifestyle design

I teach the six dimensions of lifestyle design—intellectual, spiritual, relational, personal, physical, emotional, and financial—and train on practical elements like discretionary time and time blocking to create a balanced, meaningful, productive life. 

Accessing creative flow + strategic thinking

I teach the neuroscience behind flow, and the habits that allow individuals to consistently access creative genius and deep strategic thinking. Part-scientific, part-practical, this audience favorite is the most transformational topic I speak and train on.

Writing powerful, influential content

Drawing on experience as a best-selling author and more than thirteen years as a professional writer, I train on core writing concepts, including how to 4x word count, access creativity, and level up writing across all disciplines.

Speaking praise

“The content was fantastic and you’re such a pro at presenting!” 

- Eliza Wisinsk

Account Executive, Agency EA

“The most amazing session ever, hands down.

The creative and interactive aspect of this session tapped in to the audience's creativity masterfully. Every person left with a Post-It-note-filled brainstorm of ideas they never knew they had!"

- Session Attendee

Quickbooks connect Global conference

“Probably my favorite session of the conference. 

It is extremely difficult to make a session actionable but also broad-viewing, challenging but also free-flowing, and interactive but also introvert friendly. I felt like I left with real progress in my pocket, but also lots of room to explore further later AND the tools to do it. Excellent session. I'm a fan."

- Session Attendee

QuickBooks Connect Global Conference

“Stacy was excellent. The activities and interactions were tremendous, so valuable.”

- Session Attendee

Writing for impact workshop

“Stacy was a knowledgeable and compassionate presenter who was able to get the entire room to actually focus and do the work! Great session!”

- Session Attendee

Book-writing + creativity workshop

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Event organizers describe me as a "pro at presenting" who brings "fantastic content" to their teams, companies, and events.