Are you a grammar nerd?

I’ve always considered myself a lover of language. Since as early as junior high, I had an innate understanding of English—almost like I could sense the editing a piece of writing needed. But being 13 and obsessed with boys and lipgloss, I didn’t recognize at the time just what my deep connection to the written word meant or where it would take me later in life.

What I knew was this: I understood where commas belonged, how to arrange words to make them sound the best, and whether or not an Oxford comma should be used (it should!).

I later developed a strong preference for two spaces after a period and an incredible dislike for improperly used semicolons. And dashes—don’t get me started on how often a hyphen is confused for an em dash. It’s really quite tragic. Oh, and you can end a sentence with a preposition. Yep, really.

Hang on a second so I can gather myself together.

Where was I? Ah, yes. Grammar. I’m a grammar nerd.

So, when Grammarly sent me this cool new infographic, I just had to share. Read it and see if you, too, are a grammar nerd like me.


Are You a Grammar Nerd? (Infographic)

So, are you a grammar nerd?




  • tim Reply

    I don’t like semi-colons; using semi-colons feels like showing off.

    • Stacy Ennis Reply

      🙂 I like what you did there.

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