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a number-one best-selling author, success and book coach, and speaker on a mission to help leaders use the power of writing to uncover their unique stories so they can scale their impact.

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I am fortunate to work with the best clients on the planet—truly. From CEOs to nonprofit leaders, consultants to innovators, celebrities to everyday extraordinary people, I work with individuals who strive to make a positive impact through innovation, ideas, or social good efforts. My clients inspire me, and they’re inspiring the world through their content. 

How I Work.


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Because here's a secret: even the most successful, confident people find sharing their ideas . . . well, hard. It's scary to put yourself out there. But I know the power of your voice. The world needs to hear from you. That book needs to be written. There is potential within you for impact that needs to be realized. I'm here to help you help others.

Through coaching, speaking, and writing, my team and I help clarify your unique story so you can stand out in the crowd and make the impact you’re meant to on this world.

Rave reviews

Author + Health Care Executive

- David Morales

Her ability to understand and clearly communicate complex topics is remarkable. I trust her guidance and recommend her with the utmost confidence."

“Stacy is perhaps the most talented writer and creative thinker I have had the opportunity to collaborate with in my 25 year career. 

CEO + business strategist

- Misty Megia

Stacy is kind, intelligent, and thought provoking, nudging you towards profound insights and growth. If you have fear of taking action in writing your authentic story to help others, Stacy can help you unlock the process and make it feel like an amazing journey of discovery."

“Your voice matters, and Stacy is fantastic at helping you articulate it! Truly life changing.

Principal + Wealth Manager

- Bruce Barton

Stacy helped me clarify my goals, create a reader-friendly structure, and develop a writing schedule that meshed with my more-than-full-time job. Most importantly, she provided unending positive reinforcement to keep me going to complete a first draft. Stacy, I owe you gigantic thanks."

“She coached me regularly to improve my writing and sharpen my ideas. I couldn’t have done this without her.

Growth Marketing Leader

- Christina Del Villar

I knew I needed help writing a book on my marketing methodology. She guided me with her thoughtful process and coaching, and now my book is being published by a highly competitive publisher. I have been able to expand into other offerings, increasing my income and influence." 

“Stacy to the rescue! She made everything so easy. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

My team and I specialize in books and other nonfiction content in business, leadership, and more.


Whether I'm training 700 employees, keynoting to thousands, or engaging a twenty-person group, I’m in my element.


I offer success and book coaching, as well as ongoing strategic support for individuals, groups, and teams.


Let's work together

Clarify and validate your ideas and create a realistic plan that enables success. 


I don’t believe in plug-and-play coaching, but I do believe in systems. Our engagement will start with a strategy call to uncover your vision and needs, followed by a detailed coaching plan. Whether you want to write a book, uncover your unique story, or organize all those great ideas into something you can take action on, I can help. 

I offer success and book coaching, corporate consulting, and ongoing support for writing, lifestyle design, and more. 


I’m an expert speaker, having delivered talks on the TEDx stage, for major conferences like QuickBooks Connect, and at numerous corporate retreats. I keynote, lead workshops, and train on self-leadership through lifestyle design; accessing creative genius, strategic thinking, and flow; and writing powerful, influential content.

I love connecting with audiences. My style is interactive, courageous, introspective, story-driven, and deeply engaging.


I connect with each individual, leading to transformative insights that change lives.

Audiences Say: 

Helping hone your unique voice, organize your ideas, and share your story through content.


A great writer or ghostwriter is a partner, helping marry your ideas with skilled writing, creativity, and editorial expertise. Whether you work directly with me or another writer on my team, you’ll have a world-class expert to guide you through ideation, outlining, writing, and editing, and do most of the work for you. (Yes, please!)

My team and I are world-class experts in ghostwriting and writing nonfiction books, articles, and other content. 


Your story is unique and powerful. the world needs to hear from you.

My work centers on a simple premise:

academic strategist + speaker

- Jeannie Burlowski

The book coaching Stacy did for my book LAUNCH gave me the structure, clear direction, and shaping that netted me a long string of 100% 5-star reviews on Amazon, plus thousands in royalties in my very first week after release."

“Stacy is gentle, positive, kind, and supportive to work with. 5 stars. Highly, highly recommend.

5-star reviews + Thousands in royalties

Rave Reviews

client + student


- Caitlin Copple Masingill

Stacy was a tremendous help to me when I launched my company, Full Swing PR. She literally saved me one to two years of time by sharing with me how she found success as a solopreneur. She’s the real deal, plus a great human being." 

“Without Stacy, I would not have had the confidence or capacity to reach six figures in under a year.



- Amy Lafko

I don't think of myself as a structured person and yet with Stacy's help, I developed a repeatable process for creative time every day to allow me to efficiently and successfully create. Clarifying my audience and goals provided greater clarity around my business." 

“The value of Stacy’s business acumen has added so much more depth to the process.


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You’re ready to achieve your big vision. My team and I can help you get there. Let’s connect to discuss how.

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