Stacy Ennis

The world needs your unique story, idea, or expertise 

You have a book inside you.

Becoming an author will allow you to influence more people—and even change lives. I'll help you write your book as you step into your purpose.

Stacy’s program gave me the foundations, structure, and support 

needed to make it happen.

- Hannah Zackney, licenced therapist

I’ve been right where you are now.

When I started writing my first book, I was uncertain of my own ability. I doubted my own ideas, expertise, and story. Self-doubt stalled my success.

But even though I was afraid of failure (and success), I wrote it anyway. And then I wrote another book. And another. Along the way, my income doubled and doubled again. My latest coauthored book became a #1 bestseller alongside books by Brené Brown, Rachel Hollis, and Stephen Covey. I’ve flown all over the world delivering keynotes and trainings, and have influenced thousands through my writing and speaking. And I’m convinced that’s all because I was brave enough to sit down, write, and publish my first book. My life would be completely different if I hadn’t said “yes” to that book and stepped into my purpose. 

Student praise

“Just a quick note to say thank you for how truly wonderful you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You have no idea how helpful you have been on this book journey for me (though I bet you can guess!). Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement, expertise, and contacts. Book writing is HARD—harder than I gave it credit for—and having you as a part of this journey has made it so much easier."

- Lindsey Weigle

“Fantastic. I have tried to write a book countless times before and I’ve never been able to see it through.

Stacy's program gave me the foundations, structure, and support needed to make it happen. I now have a skill that I can use for my next book! Thank you, Stacy!"

- Hannah Zackney

3 ways to write

Group coaching

Join my upcoming 12-week live, high-touch coaching program.

Private coaching

Get individualized support and accountability as you write.


Work at your own pace utilizing my proven book-writing system.

Look, I get it.

Writing a book can be hard.

That's why I designed a system to help uncover your unique story, organize your ideas, and write a powerful nonfiction book you're proud to share with the world. Drawing on my work with hundreds of aspiring authors, I guide you through each step of writing your nonfiction book, from idea to finished manuscript. 

What if you could take the guesswork out of writing a book? What if you could access creative flow and—gasp!—actually have fun?

As an author, you could:


Become the go-to thought leader in your industry.


Get invited to interview with local and national publications, radio, and television.


Rocket-charge your income through more clients, speaking gigs, or your dream job.


Finally step into your purpose and make the impact you were meant to on this world!

It's time to write your book.

It’s been a journey of learning and major self-development.

I'm grateful.

— Mike Green, coach + facilitator

I’m an expert in writing a great nonfiction book.

ABOUT me, your new book coach

Over the past thirteen-plus years in the publishing industry, I’ve authored, ghostwritten, coached, edited, or influenced hundreds of books. My style is interactive and inviting yet highly practical. My team and I want you to be super productive and have a blast writing your book—because it’s fun!

clients and students get access to:


Signature Writing System

You'll get lifetime access to my step-by-step Creation and Production Nonfiction Book-Writing System.


Templates + Tools

Along with detailed training worksheets, you'll receive templates and tools so you can focus on writing.


Community Access

You'll be invited to a curated community of like-minded aspiring authors.

I deeply believe in your impact.

Your story can influence others.

With thirteen-plus years in the industry, I'm confident there is a book inside you and a unique story to share with the world. Writing a book is not about money or followers—it's about impact. Making the world better. Changing lives. Influencing for good.

Through our work together,


+ uncover your unique story

+ Clarify and organize your ideas

+ write your book with confidence

+ Hone your voice as a writer (+ impact-maker!)

Ready to become an author?

Let's write it together.

You have a book inside you

Let's discuss how I can support your dream of writing a book.