If you find it hard to set aside time for writing, this course is a MUST to help you change that. In just five days, master the secret habits of best-selling authors to write a great book 4x faster. This course will help you establish a daily writing habit—and empower you to finally write your book!

This course will save you months—even years!—of time writing your book and thousands of dollars in missed opportunities. 

After completing this course, students have:

Best-Selling Writing Habits Course

01. Launched entire brands

02. Added new revenue streams

03. Started—and finished—writing books

04. Formed new writing habits that transformed their lives


The Secrets of Best-Selling Authors You MUST Know to Write Consistently Every Day

“I developed a repeatable process for creative time every day to allow me to efficiently and successfully create.”

- Amy Lafko

Founder + CEO, Cairn consulting

Understand how to overcome the #1 myth sabotaging your productivity

Be able to make time to write consistently (yes, really!)

Develop a proven time-blocking strategy to quadruple your writing productivity

Understand how to quickly access flow and tap into your creative genius

Know how to apply your new writing habit to write a great book

Be on your way to becoming an author!

By the end of This course, you will: