An inside look at my new course for aspiring authors

It’s been a few weeks since I launched my new course, Finish that book!, a book-writing planning and productivity course for aspiring authors. This week, I take you on a short video tour of what the course includes and why it’s so powerful for aspiring authors.

This course was created in response to a need. I’ve spent years hearing the hope and determination in aspiring authors’ voices as they told me about their book ideas . . . and then the disappointment and frustration when, months or years later, they still hadn’t finished their books.

Why? I wondered. Why weren’t people finishing their books?

There were a lot of excuses but only one clear reason I could identify: they lacked a clear plan and process for getting their books done.

That’s why I created this course, to meet that need. To give aspiring authors a clear pathway to get their books done. I don’t offer gimmicky “get your book done in 30 days!” promises or encourage unattainable goals. Instead, I walk you through a simple but powerful process I’ve developed writing multiple books myself and taught to real people over the course of my career.

I hope you enjoy the video tour. And if you want to write a book, I hope you’ll join me in the course.

Learn more and enroll here:

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