Episode 22 | Intrinsic branding with Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster

I’m joined this week by “brand alchemists,” Justin Foster and Emily Soccorsy of Root + River. We talk about their novel approach to branding: starting on the inside with deep work, speaking truth as a brand, owning a conversation, and so much more. The three of us also get personal, sharing some of our own challenges as we shape our professional and personal brands. If you’ve ever wondered how the buzz word “authentic” looks in practice as a brand, don’t miss this episode. And be sure to get a copy of their latest book, Rooting Up: Essays on Modern Branding.

Learn more about Root + River: https://rootandriver.com/

Listen to their Being Marketers podcast: https://rootandriver.com/webcast

Join their Being Marketers community for marketing leaders: https://rootandriver.com/being-marketers/

Buy their book: https://www.amazon.com/Rooting-Up-Essays-Modern-Branding/dp/035979632X

Connect with Root + River on Instagram and Facebook. Follow @emilyatlarge and @fosterthinking on Instagram.

Connect with me and send your questions for a future episode at hello@stacyennis.com. Follow me on Instagram @stacyennis and on Facebook @stacyenniscreative.

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