Episode 26 | Building a thought leadership platform as an author with Naren Aryal

Growing your influence and impact as an author requires more than just writing a book people want to read. You need to show up with passion, purpose, and consistency to develop a solid author platform that attracts an audience. In this episode, I talk with founder and CEO of Amplify Publishing and Mascot Books, Naren Aryal. Along with solid advice for growing a thought leadership platform as an author, Naren shares insider publisher secrets. If you’re an aspiring or published nonfiction author, don’t miss this informative (and fun!) episode.

Email Naren: naren@mascotbooks.com

Learn more about Mascot Publishing: www.mascotbooks.com

Learn more about Amplify Publishing: www.amplifypublishing.com

Learn more about Real Clear Publishing: www.realclearpublishing.com

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