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“How to raise brave kids” — watch my TEDx talk

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Hi, I'm Stacy

It’s here! My TEDx talk has been published. I’m thrilled to share it with you.

If you’ve been following my journey, you know this talk has been a long time in the making. I’ve written about how to get selected for a TEDx talk and what it’s like to prepare for and give a TEDx talk.

But all that preparation still left me unprepared for one thing: the response. The day of the talk left me humbled and overwhelmed as I heard from audience members, including colleagues, clients, and loved ones. And since my video was released, I’ve gotten to live it all over again. In fact, nearly every day, I hear from people who believe we need to intentionally raise our kids to be brave.

I know the e-mails, calls, texts, and comments will stop eventually. My hope, however, is that the message will transcend me. That it’ll plant in people’s hearts and minds. That a dad will watch his daughter climb a tree, bite his tongue, and let her go for it. That a mom will watch her son do something brave and ask how he felt, rather than simply praising him for overcoming his fear. That parents and caregivers will encourage boys and girls equally using words like “bold” and “courageous.” And just as important: that men and women will live brave lives themselves.

TEDx was one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever done because I got to engage fully and purposefully in sharing an idea that connects to my heart. How often in life do we get that opportunity?

So, this is all to say: please watch the talk. If the message resonates, share it. But most of all, be brave and raise courageous kids.

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  1. […] the TEDx stage. Behind the scenes: my husband cheered me on and took on extra duties around the house to make time […]

  2. […] the TEDx stage. Behind the scenes: my husband cheered me on and took on extra duties around the house to make time […]

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