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    Stacy Ennis

    Bestselling author, speaker,

    and trainer

    About me

    I've spent my life absorbed in words. Over the last ten plus years in the publishing industry, I've written, coached, or edited dozens of books and had a hand in hundreds more. I also served as the long-time ghostwriter for a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and as executive editor of a national magazine that reached around 11 million readers. I’m cofounder of Next Level Women Leaders, a training company that has trained leaders from Starbucks, The Boeing Company, Intuit, and more.

    What you'll learn

    This training replay covers an overview of the book-writing process, including the why behind a book (so important!). You'll learn the difference between the creation and production processes, and we'll deep dive into creation: idea, outline, write, and revise. We'll also take a high-level look at production: design, proof, publish, and launch.