The Saga of the Misunderstood Em Dash

The poor Em Dash is misunderstood.  Writers rarely remember he exists and, more frequently, confuse him for his cousin, En Dash.  Worse yet, people sometimes mistake him for his brother, Hyphen!  Every time he sees En Dash or Hyphen where he’s supposed to be, the poor guy curls up into a period or sags into […]

Oh, yeah…I forgot

Image source: …about a little thing called laziness. Yes, laziness.  You know, that thing that forces you to watch Netflix instant, even when you have other, more important things to do?  That overwhelming feeling that seems to take over whatever good intentions you had for the day?  Yeah, that. I’m going to make a […]

Moving Forward

Image source:, being stagnant is easy.  It’s easy to keep doing the same thing, day after day, year after year, decade after decade.  It’s easy, yes, but it’s not what makes a person happy.Sure, stability is nice.  I agree with that.  But you know what gets me out of bed each morning (aside from my […]

Juggling Things

A few days ago, as I was responding to e-mails, I came to a realization: I juggle a lot of things at once.  From multiple client projects to homework to my own writing endeavors, I usually have several things going, and most of them require a lot of careful attention. I’m not always the most […]

Giving Thanks

Today, I have much to be thankful for, but I’ll list a few here:1. A great husband who supports me in every crazy thing I do.2. My family, who never fails to laugh at my jokes and pretend to be impressed by my tiny accomplishments.3. My friends and extended family, because life would gray without […]

Feral Cat Shelters: Save a Cat Today

The top of one of the feral cat shelters from Ohio Alleycat Resource. Ever since moving into our apartment in July, my husband and I have found the stray cat problem in our part of Cincinnati troubling.  When we first arrived, there were several baby kittens (which we tried, unsuccessfully, to catch), and it seemed […]

Justin Foster Is Interesting. Oatmeal Is Not.

Earlier this week, I promised a post about one of the authors or books that I’ve worked with.  One of those authors is Justin Foster, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with him on several projects and books, including his own.  Below is an article that originally appeared in the winter 2011 issue of […]

Courage Is the Thing, You Know?

I recently read Matthew Kelly’s The Book of Courage, which contains pages and pages of quotes on the subject of courage.  (Interesting fact: Kelly has been compiling these quotes since he was seventeen years old!) At first, I didn’t really “get” why courage was such an important topic.  I mean, I understood why a person would want to […]

5 Writing and Self-Editing Tips

Editing can be a tricky beast, but here are a few tips to help you when you’re writing and self-editing: Write without editing.  It’s always easier to cut than to add in, and you’ll find writing to be more enjoyable when you aren’t nit-picking every last word. Let your work sit for as long as […]

Some Thoughts About Travel

The People’s Committee Building, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, during Tet holiday It’s official: It’s been too long since I’ve traveled. I do realize that I flew to Boise a little over a week ago, but that doesn’t really count, now does it?  I’m talking real travel.  The what-is-this-stuff-I’m-eating, talking-with-hand-guestures, everything-is-totally-new-and-different sort of travel. For […]