Oh, You Silly Chicago Manual of Style Editor

I found this hilarious Q & A buried in the archives of the Chicago Manual of Style online: — Q. About two spaces after a period. As a US Marine, I know that what’s right is right and you are wrong. I declare it once and for all aesthetically more appealing to have two spaces […]

Hello, Boise!

I love being home.  Boise is one of the nicest cities I’ve ever been in, and the reasons are pretty clear: It’s clean and safe, people are nice, traffic is minimal, and the city is lovely.  On top of all of that is Bronco spirit, which really seems to permeate everything in the city.  There’s […]

Goodbye, Steve Jobs…For Real, This Time

Image Source: http://www.globalnerdy.com When Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, I wrote a blog about his departure.  Yet, it’s taken me a few days to write after his death.  I’m not sure why that is, but I think maybe I needed to process what losing someone like Steve Jobs means for our technological future. Steve Jobs was […]

Setting (and Keeping) Daily Goals

There aren’t a lot of things I do right, but one thing I do well is setting and keeping goals. I set goals for myself every day, and they are always realistic, tangible goals that I know can (and will) be accomplished.  I’m very much a I-get-what-I-want-sort-of-person, and part of that is simply because I […]

What’s on Your Bucket List?

While I was teaching in the Dominican Republic, we did a unit on Tuesdays with Morrie.  It really is a lovely little book, and it got us, as a class, thinking about what we’d each individually like to do before we die.  Not in a creepy sense, but it a life-is-too-short sorta sense.  It prompted […]

Holy D*bt!

Original image found here How many of us, at the I-know-any-and-everything age of 18, applied for a credit card?  Most of us were told that we needed it to build credit, to strengthen our score, to prepare for eventually buying a house. Sure, yeah.  That makes sense.  Give an 18-year-old a credit card right before […]

Try, Tie, & Buy the Perfect Running Shoe

Buying running shoes is a tricky business. On the one hand, you really need to take the time to try on shoes until you find the perfect pair. On the other hand, you don’t want to look like a complete fool who doesn’t know his left foot from his right. And, you really don’t want […]

Run Like a Pro: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 Running Shoe

Whether you’ve championed the toughest running trails or are just getting started in the sport, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 (also available in Men’s) running shoe will likely make your run more pleasant, as well as reduce pain in joints and increase stability. Back in my early college years, when I really started getting into long distance […]

Keeping It Going: Pursuing Your Passion

Here’s my question: What have you done in the last 24 hours to pursue your goals? For many people, this is difficult to answer. Lots of us spend our time doing things that don’t really help us in the long term–watching television shows, shopping, and partying, among other things–and continue to claim that there’s just […]

Ode to Feral Cats Everywhere

Our cat is crazy. I don’t mean the chasing-bugs-and-running-around-the-house kind of crazy. I mean the jumps-at-every-sound-foot-attacking-eyelid-biting kind of crazy. Yes, she bit my eyelid.  And it hurt. We got our little bundle of love from the Dominican Republic. Having recently moved into our first apartment together, my then fiance (now husband) and I decided to […]