Five things I learned at the Idaho Book Extravaganza

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1. Be creative. If something doesn’t seem like it will work, find a creative way to make it happen. I nabbed a copy of Brian Jud’s book on bulk sales, How to Make Real Money Selling Books, to help me think strategically about marketing my book.

2. E-books are always changing. You need to know the market to be successful, which means you should always be a student of the ever-changing digital world.

3. Create a plan. Things don’t happen by chance, and that applies to book sales, too. Know what your goals are, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to get there.

4. Your book is you. Walt Hampton talked about the fact that your book is “legacy work.” How cool of a concept is that?

5. People are willing to be givers. There are so many great people out there who are willing to give of their time and share their expertise. You just have to ask.

What a great weekend of book-related learning!

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