Giving Thanks

Today, I have much to be thankful for, but I’ll list a few here:

1. A great husband who supports me in every crazy thing I do.
2. My family, who never fails to laugh at my jokes and pretend to be impressed by my tiny accomplishments.
3. My friends and extended family, because life would gray without all of their colorful personalities.
4. My health, which has been free of the touch of cancer and other illnesses.
5. My career, in which I have been undeservedly blessed in recent months.
6. A house to call home, a kitty to snuggle, food in my fridge, and money in the bank.
7. My education, because it is helping me realize my dreams.
8. The privilege of being born in the U.S. Despite our troubles, it’s still a pretty great place to live.

Those are just a few of the things I am thankful for…and I am so very, very thankful.


Stacy Ennis is a best-selling author, creative consultant, and speaker, as well as the founder of Nonfiction Book School. She served as long-time ghostwriter for a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and executive editor of Sam’s Club’s Healthy Living Made Simple, a publication that reaches around 11 million readers. Stacy’s latest coauthored book is Growing Influence (Greenleaf Book Group, 2018). Stacy writes about writing (meta!), solopreneurship, location independence, travel, and living the life you want.

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