Episode 13 | Stacy reads: Unconventional: a look at our nontraditional family life

I get a lot of questions about our nontraditional home life. We live a location independent lifestyle as a family, my husband stays home with the kids, and I’m the sole earner for our household—and have been for more than seven years. This week, I’m reading my latest blog post, which opens the metaphorical curtain […]

Episode 12 | Ask Stacy: books, business, marketing, and childhood

This week, I’m answering your questions! I dig into whether to add an epilogue to a book, discuss business and marketing strategies for someone just starting out as a service-based solopreneur, share my not-so-subtle opinion on providing free samples as an editor or writer (and advice for authors looking to hire talent), and share two […]

Episode 11 | You, author: the nonfiction book-writing process

This week, I’m sharing a recent webinar I did on the book-writing process. This training replay covers an overview of the book-writing process, including the why behind a book (so important!). You’ll learn the difference between the creation and production processes, and we’ll deep dive into creation: idea, outline, write, and revise. We’ll also take a high-level look at […]

Episode 10 | Stacy reads: 5 lessons I’ve learned living an off-the-path life

 This week, I’m reading my recent blog post, “5 lessons I’ve learned living an off-the-path-life.” To read the post and see the picture of my family walking down a cobblestone road in Portugal, visit https://stacyennis.com/5lifelessons/. Connect with me at https://stacyennis.com. Follow me on Instagram @stacyennis and on Facebook @stacyenniscreative. To access the life visioning […]

Episode 9 | Eight strategies to nurture creativity and productivity

This week, I share eight of my favorite productivity strategies to access your creativity—even when things are a bit chaotic. Have kids? Me too. I promise these strategies apply to you, even if you have a lot on your plate at home. The big goal: emerge from crisis with clarity. Show up and create, do […]

Episode 7 | Living through a pandemic in Portugal

I’m trying something different this week and reading my latest blog post. See photos of Portugal during quarantine at https://stacyennis.com/pandemicinportugal/. To stay connected and receive updates about free trainings, go to https://stacyennis.com/joinmylist. Follow me on Instagram @stacyennis and on Facebook @stacyenniscreative.

Episode 6 | The ups and downs of living in Portugal

What’s it like to live in Portugal? In this episode, I detail my experience so far as a location independent solopreneur. Spoiler alert: I love it, but no country is perfect. Connect with me at https://stacyennis.com. To receive updates about free trainings, go to https://stacyennis.com/joinmylist. Follow me on Instagram @stacyennis and on Facebook @stacyenniscreative. Order […]

Episode 5 | Why rest is critically important

Exhaustion, fatigue, working nights and weekends—this is no way to live. That’s why this episode is all about taking time away to rest, restore, and connect. I walk you through practical strategies for working rest into your life daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Note: I recorded this episode before the coronavirus chaos, and it seems […]

Episode 4 | Developing a location independent mindset

Growing up in Idaho, I dreamed of going to NYC like my favorite character in The Baby-Sitters Club, Stacey. But life turned out a little wilder, and now I’m living in my third developing country with my husband and two small children. With this most recent move, I was surprised by how deeply entrenched I […]