Episode 18 | On writing and travel with New York Times bestselling author AK Turner

I’m joined this week by two-time New York Times bestselling author Amanda Turner (writing as AK turner). We discuss her unconventional life, including traveling the world two to four months every year with her husband and two kids, and how she finds time to write so many books (nine to date). We dig into the writing process, author mindset, and more.

Learn more about Amanda’s upcoming master class: www.bookwrite.org/masterclass

Join her Facebook group for writers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/255224582360857/

Access her free video series: https://www.bookwrite.org/getting-started-book

Check out her excellent and inspiring Vagabonding with Kids series:  http://vagabondingwithkids.com/

Connect with me and send your questions for a future episode at http://stacye1.sg-host.com. Follow me on Instagram @stacyennis and on Facebook @stacyenniscreative.


  • Steve Meilicke Reply

    Insightful and inspirational .. thanks for sharing!

    • Stacy Ennis Reply

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Steve! Thanks for listening!

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