Episode 29 | How to deliver a phenomenal virtual keynote and recover from business disaster with Misty Megia

Misty Megia is a creative producer extraordinaire who has helped craft and produce keynotes on some of the biggest stages in the world. After leaving her high-profile Fortune 500 position on February 26, 2020, to start her own company, Misty lost $85,000 in contracts in one day as events around the US were cancelled due to the pandemic—income she’d been counting on for the first few months of her new enterprise. Quickly, she reframed the situation, came up with a new strategy, and took action, applying insights from helping tech companies reach multi-hundred-million-dollar exits. Today, she helps speakers and event producers create phenomenal presentations and keynotes, and inspires people around the globe with her business insights and positivity. This episode is full of practical tips, inspiring storytelling, and lots of laughter. (So much laughter!) Don’t miss this insightful, practical discussion.

Learn more about Misty at http://mistymegia.com/.

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