Episode 36 | The true ROI of writing a book

Many aspiring authors anchor to one thing early in the book-writing process—often before they’ve even written a word: potential book sales. They do the math: how many books will I have to sell to make back my investment (time and money)?  

But that’s a false equation, because the true ROI of a book isn’t as simple as calculating the number of books sold by your author royalty per book. In fact, the greatest benefits are harder to measure—but can equate to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of opportunities. This week, I explore the true internal and external ROI of writing a book, including speaking engagements, media attention, a steady stream of inbound clients, new career opportunities, or stepping into your “next level” professionally—whatever that may be for you.  

If you’re ready to write your book and step into your purpose, join me in Nonfiction Book School! Applications close April 20, 2021: https://www.nonfictionbookschool.com/.  

Listen to past episodes with NBS students Lindsey Weigle and Mike Green.  

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