Episode 35 | Busting 5 book-writing myths—and why you should write yours


Over the past decade-plus in the industry, I’ve heard every reason for not writing a book. And inevitably, those “reasons” are connected to myths—untrue beliefs that stop would-be authors before they even get started writing their books.

In this episode, I bust five of those myths and explain why now, not later, is the time to write your book. This is a powerful episode that can help you get unstuck, so be sure to listen if you have even the slightest hint that writing a book might be in your future.

The myths include:

  1. I need to wait to write a book until [insert career or life reason].
  2. I need to set aside hours and hours every day to write a book.
  3. Publishing a book is too expensive. I need to make/save a certain amount of money before I get started.
  4. No one would even want to read what I have to write.
  5. You have to be a gifted writer to write a book.

If you’re an aspiring author, I hope this episode encourages you. And if you know a friend who wants to write a book, consider sharing this episode. You might be the reason someone writes their book!

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