Quit Wine-ing (Get it? Wine-ing? Wink, wink.)


Bumper Sticker Guy: [running after Forrest] Hey man! Hey listen, I was wondering if you might help me. ‘Cause I’m in the bumper sticker business and I’ve been trying to think of a good slogan, and since you’ve been such a big inspiration to the people around here I thought you might be able to help me jump into – WOAH! Man, you just ran through a big pile of dog shit!

Forrest Gump: It happens.

Bumper Sticker guy: What, shit?

Forrest Gump: Sometimes.

Yes, it does.  And, unfortunately, I had an all-too-unfortunate incident the other day: Someone spilled wine all over my lovely, beautiful, gem of a MacBook Pro.
Now, I know what you’re thinking:  How will you get through it?  What will you do about work?  Will you ever love again?
Thanks for the nice thoughts, but I’m doing surprisingly well.  My data was recovered and, after going into temporary shock over the medical bills for my drowned computer, I made a decision to move on.
And move on I did: right on over to the Apple store.
So, with a tip of my hat to the nameless person who spilled wine all over my baby, I am writing this blog from my brand new MacBook Pro…which is pretty much exactly the same as my old one.  Almost, except for the $1350.00 difference, I guess.
Quote source: IMDb.
(Image courtesy Gunnar Grimnes| flikr)

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