Episode 4 | Developing a location independent mindset

Growing up in Idaho, I dreamed of going to NYC like my favorite character in The Baby-Sitters Club, Stacey. But life turned out a little wilder, and now I’m living in my third developing country with my husband and two small children. With this most recent move, I was surprised by how deeply entrenched I […]

Episode 3 | Ask Stacy: How do I find, win, and keep clients?

 I’m digging into the metaphorical mail bag this week to answer your questions! In the episode, we hear from an experienced freelance writer who just quit her day job and is sorting through the early stages of client acquisition. Listen all the way to the end for an interview about Thailand with my sweet […]

Episode 2 | What choice and freedom feels like

In this episode, I interrupt my regularly scheduled work day (quite literally!) to record this spur-of-the-moment episode on choice and freedom as a solopreneur. Also featuring the musical stylings of my three-year-old son. Connect with me at http://stacyennis.com. Follow me on Instagram @stacyennis and on Facebook @stacyenniscreative. I love answering your questions! To submit a […]

Episode 1 | Ask Stacy: How do I stay focused as a new freelancer?

A freelancer asks, “How do I navigate those early days where everything is growing outward, away from the center of your core business purpose? When your end goals are one thing but the work required to sustain you until you reach those goals takes you in a million directions, how do you manage that?” Follow […]