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Creative consulting

As I was paying for my meal one day at the airport, the server asked, “What do you do ‘creatively’?” He pointed to my credit card, which has my business name, Creatively LLC, on it.

“I help people shape things before they send them out into the world,” I responded. I’d been struggling for months to come up with exactly how to communicate what I do. In that moment, I accessed the essence of my consulting: I help organizations and individuals shape ideas, content, products, and projects before they send them out into the world.

I work with people and teams in their boardrooms or offices, at coffee shops or over the phone, helping them do all of the hard work that goes into creating projects and products that resonate. I’m often the first call a leader makes to get an objective opinion; help a team find out-of-the-box, meaningful solutions; or gather expert feedback on project plans and help build out strategy.

As a big-picture thinker and tactical executer, I’m able to both ideate and work with teams to get things done. I’m not afraid to ask tough questions and won’t shy from suggesting ambitious ideas or unique approaches. I’m the person who continually asks: what if?

Are you an individual or company of influence that is impacting the world in a positive way? I work with:

  • New project or product launches, including ideation, strategy, and top-level advising
  • Individuals looking to differentiate and find their unique professional space
  • Legacy companies seeking to creatively connect with millennial audiences
  • Small brands, internal teams, and other groups that need outside advising to push them to the next creative level and pose tough questions
  • Entrepreneurs seeking success coaching and mentorship

I would love to support your next great endeavor. 

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Individual Intensives

Being successful means being constantly engaged in answering the question: what next?

If you’re a high-achiever, you’re likely looking to answer that question. I’ve developed a two-day process to help individuals engage deeply with themselves, exploring where they’ve been, where they are, and where they’re going. Using my background as an expert interviewer and writer, I teach individuals how to write to clarity, answer tough questions, and engage in thought to uncover their path forward.

When was the last time you spent two days fully engaging with yourself and building out a clear view of your future? That’s what an Intensive is all about.

I don’t have the answers. You do. Let’s have a conversation about how to find them.

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  • “Working with Stacy was one of the best decisions our company has made. Her commitment to understanding every aspect of our business, customer needs, and future goals brought clarity to our messaging and ultimately directed us toward success. Having a poorly executed product launch or weak messaging costs a brand an immeasurable amount of time and money. Stacy’s depth of understanding of the direct needs of consumers will guide you past costly oversight to a well-developed strategy your whole team will be excited to execute.”

    Kelly Cope
    Strategic direction consultant for projects with Sam’s Club, Herbalife, and JOGA-ki

  • “Not until I had the opportunity to work with Stacy, did I fully recognize what it meant to transcend the boundaries of my own limitations both in writing and thought leadership. Stacy’s impact has been profound to the direction and future of my work. In all that she does, whether in writing, leadership or community involvement it is done with an awareness of understanding, practicality and commitment that is unique. She values the importance of priorities and deadlines and is a professional whose word is a concrete bond of her commitment. She is willing and capable of challenging others and at the same time fully engaged in challenging herself.”

    Brent Patmos
    CEO and founder
    , Perpetual Development, Inc.

  • “Partnering with Stacy increased my confidence that what I was creating was going to be usable and engaging. She brought out the best in me as an author, both creatively and conceptually. Some of her urges to go deeper and explain more helped me to create whole new concepts that I now use in my consulting work! That was a wonderful surprise benefit! She also helped improve my writing skills. Her competency was matched by her ability to motivate me, especially when I felt at a loss.”

    Bob Faw
    Chief energizing officer
    , Matchbox Group


Finish that book! is an online book-writing planning and productivity course for aspiring authors.

In this course, you’ll learn the process I’ve used to write two to three books per year while maintaining coaching and consulting work, contributing to my community, and raising two energetic children.


What’s your next great endeavor? Your story? Your breakthrough idea? Let me help you ideate, clarify, and translate your thoughts into content.

My clients are thought leaders, celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, and “average” extraordinary people. Most have information or stories to share but lack the time, skill, or energy to translate their thoughts into the written word. Others have content that needs a keen editorial eye.

My skill lies in capturing voice—so much so that many of my clients feel as though they did the writing or editing themselves! As a ghostwriter, I can help turn your thoughts into compelling prose. As an editor, I can help reshape existing books, articles, and other content into something you’re proud to share with the world.

I coach, write, and edit:

  • Nonfiction books
  • Feature articles and op-eds
  • Story-based content such as memoirs and profiles
  • Blog posts
  • Social media profiles and content
  • Website content

Want to talk about your writing or editing project? I’d love to hear from you.

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  • “Working with Stacy was simply amazing. She listened deeply, provided powerful insights and feedback, and captured the story of my book in an outline that will serve me incredibly well moving forward. She is a joy to work with and immensely talented at her work. I can’t wait to have another book idea so I can partner with her again.”

    Colin T. McLetchie
    , Five Ways Forward, LLC

  • “Stacy is a consummate professional with a great command of prose and a deep respect for the authors she works with. Stacy continually kept me organized and on track, giving me very specific feedback about my content throughout the writing process. She was tireless in her attention to detail while helping me understand how best to engage my readers. I am a huge advocate of Stacy’s work, and I look forward to using her phenomenal writing and editing talents on my next book.”

    Whit Mitchell
    Author of Working In Sync: How 11 Dartmouth Athletes Propelled Their College Sports Experience into Professional Excellence

  • “Working with Stacy has been a pleasure. She has a great work ethic and immerses herself in every project. Stacy worked with us on several different projects including editing, creative and technical writing, content development and editorial management. Her ability to stay on the cutting edge of media trends made her an asset to all of our projects which included books, website content, magazine, and social media.”

    Dr. Andrew Myers and Amy Meyer
    President and chief science officer and operations administrator
    , Nutragenics

  • “I have been delighted to work with Stacy Ennis on several books in the past year. On one project, I hired her directly (twice); on the other, my publisher hired her. In all situations, she’s proven to be the consummate professional, blending her extensive knowledge with charming accessibility. The Editor’s Eye on your bookshelf is like having Stacy on speed dial—you can get her help for your book whenever you need it.”

    Joel Lund
    Author of Watson’s Way and The Ultimate Survival Guide for Youth Ministers

  • “The path from good to great prose is anything but a straight line, and Stacy Ennis is one who is able to swerve and adapt to any writing project we give her. She has an ear for the right writing ‘voice’ and style. In the few months we have worked together, we have come to rely on her wordsmith wizardry and editorial support on our various book and report writing projects at Night Owls Press. She is also a pleasure to work with. Hire her before we do!”

    Genevieve DeGuzman and Andrew Tang
    , Night Owls Press


I believe in collaborative engagement as a way to connect with people. After all, it’s not about me; it’s about them. It’s about you. Whether you need a facilitator for a workshop of five or a keynote address for an audience of five hundred, my focus is always on the individuals in front of me. Rather than a talking head on a stage, I seek to integrate people into the session or keynote content, dynamically shaping and reshaping the content to connect intellectually and emotionally with the needs of the audience.

At the core of my approach is storytelling and research. Stories are the undercurrent of change—they shift mindsets, illuminate ideas, and share knowledge. People want to listen to a speaker who cares deeply, researches relentlessly, and engages authentically.

I speak on topics related to creativity, clarity, writing, communication, and connection. Topics include:

Clarifying forward.

One of the biggest questions high achievers face is the answer to the question: what next? I’ve developed a process to help individuals reach inside of themselves to answer that question. In moments of overwhelm or confusion, people can access the four pillars of clarity: adventure, activity, interaction, and introspection. In this session or keynote, I tell stories of finding clarity and teach tools for tackling the toughest and most unclear circumstances.

Amplify success through communication.

Success is amplified by skilled communication. Learn the six keys to communication in a success setting: thoughtfulness, authenticity, engagement, clarity, storytelling, and reflecting. This session or keynote targeted toward entrepreneurs, senior executives, and aspiring leaders provides real strategies attendees can enact immediately in their organizations, teams, and relationships.

Creating thoughtful content.

What captures people’s attention? What gets them engaged? I have both the market knowledge and decade-plus experience in creating content for varied demographics. Using social, scientific, and market research, along with individual insight, I will tailor this session or keynote to your specific company, brand, or product to help your audience learn how to create thoughtful content that resonates with clients and customers.

What problem can I solve for your company? How can I amplify your conference or retreat? What training can I offer to help advance your brand or career? 

Let’s Connect.


  • “Stacy has a calm, professional demeanor that adds a level of approachability and authority to her presentations. She does a great job conveying a lot of information in a way that’s understandable. She’s thorough, knowledgeable, and empowering. Highly recommended.”

    Donna Cook
    Author of Gift of the Phoenix

  • “Stacy is a superb presenter and was invaluable for our panel.”

    Matthew C. Hansen, PhD
    Director of literature and humanities
    , Boise State University

  • “Stacy Ennis is an excellent speaker with a wealth of knowledge about writing and editing. She clearly conveys applicable knowledge in an organized and easy-to-understand manner. Whenever I hear her speak, I come away with worthy, relevant material.”

    Kim Foster

  • “The editors panel was one of the highlights of the Rendezvous. Stacy was especially well prepared, with lots of statistics and references from her book, and she presented them in a highly professional, and at the same time very friendly, way.”

    Doug Copsey
    Past president
    , Idaho Writers Guild