Finish that book!

Learn proven strategies to help you get your book finished—and written with excellence.

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Finish that book! is a book-writing planning and productivity course for aspiring authors.

You want to write a book. It’s something you’ve dreamed about for years—a goal you know will elevate your career and significantly impact your life. It’s time to make it happen.

This course teaches the process I’ve used to write two to three books per year while maintaining my coaching and consulting work, contributing to my community, and raising two energetic children.

Here’s what you get in Finish that book!



I won’t leave you asking the question, what next? Once you are inside the course, you’ll receive resources to make your book-writing process happier: a detailed course workbook that includes key points from each lesson, a book-writing checklist, publishing planning spreadsheet, and much more.


You’ll be added to the Finish that book! community. This is your opportunity to establish connections with other business leaders and world changers. If you get hung up on your project, this is where you get support—and offer support to others.

World-Class Training

Gain the skills and confidence to write a high-quality book by completing five training videos. This is the same content I take many of my one-on-one coaching clients through—and you get lifetime access to it for a fraction of the cost.


Companion Materials

You’ll also receive a chapter from my book, The Editor’s Eye, detailing the book-outlining process. Each lesson also has accompanying notes, resources, or activities.

Take a look inside the training modules


Lesson 1: Book Idea to Publication Overview

Learn a top-level overview of the book idea to publication overview, including a look at writing, editing, design, marketing, and more.


Lesson 2: The Book-Writing Process

Learn the basic writing process for most nonfiction books. This lesson includes a helpful graphic showing the entirety of a typical book-writing process, including when to bring in a professional editor.


Lesson 3: Working Writing into Your Life (Even if You’re Busy)

Learn how to form a writing routine, create a writing space, and rally support from people in your life to help you accomplish your goal. This lesson also explores how to get past excuses to make time for writing.


Lesson 4: Getting Strategic: Creating a Book-Writing Plan

Learn how to set goals, create a writing schedule, and calendar out your writing plan to make it much more likely  you’ll finish your book. This lesson includes “book writing math,” a specific formula to plan your book-writing milestones.

Lesson 5: Wrapping Up—and Making It Happen!

Engage in a short final video that offers encouragement to get you moving in the direction of your dreams.


Lifetime Access

When you purchase the Finish that book! course, you get lifetime access, so you can go through the course for every book project you embark on. Plus, you’ll get bonus training videos, template updates, and additional resources as they’re added.