Keeping It Going: Pursuing Your Passion

Here’s my question: What have you done in the last 24 hours to pursue your goals?

For many people, this is difficult to answer. Lots of us spend our time doing things that don’t really help us in the long term–watching television shows, shopping, and partying, among other things–and continue to claim that there’s just not enough time to do the things that give life meaning and purpose. So, think back on your last 24 hours, and answer the question. In what ways have you held off the temptation to waste your time and energy on things detract from pursuing your hopes and dreams?

I struggle with this. Some mornings, as I’m standing alone in the kitchen, waiting for my french press to finish brewing my coffee, there is the slightest inclination to just give it up already. On days like those, a cushy, nine-to-five sort of job seems attractive. It even seems downright enviable.

When this happens, I try to remember all of the reasons that I do the things I do. I remind myself of why I’m working these long hours and missing out on some of the fun I could be having. And, as I stare into my cup and think of all the good things that are to come as a result of my diligence, it gives me the strength to go about my day with joy and gratefulness.

My dad has been a great example of this. For as long as I can remember, he has posted a visual reminder of whatever his material goal is. When I was in grade school, he had a picture of a BMW pasted to his bathroom mirror. Later, after he got his Beamer, he changed the picture to a gold pen, which he later bought. By seeing the photo of whatever his current goal was, he was able to maintain the focus to go to work and save the money to purchase it.

I don’t really have much in the way of material goals. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I have a very clear vision of exactly what my future house will look like, including the separate writing and art studio that I want to build in the backyard. I can see myself sitting in my studio, writing, feeling content and happy. That’s the dream that drives me. That’s the dream that keeps me focused.

So, what have I done in the past 24 hours to pursue my goals? I’ve edited articles, e-mailed clients, and written this blog post. And I’ll keep doing it until my dreams are accomplished. Then, I’ll pick something new to aim for. What about you?

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  • Robin Reply

    Neat post, Stacy. I have to say my answer isn’t very exciting: work, watch a movie while doing homework with Zach, help friends move, work out, fill out a very late invoice, skim my friend’s blogs. 🙂

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