Episode 46 | How to become your own boss in 12 months with Melinda Emerson

When I started my business as a side hustle in 2009, I dreamed of becoming my own boss someday. I know what it’s like to look to people who are doing the thing and wonder, how the heck did they get there? In this episode, Melinda Emerson, known as America’s #1 small business expert, shares her advice for anyone looking to start or grow a small business. She also shares hard-won insights from twenty-two years in business in her new book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, Revised and Expanded, recently released from Simon and Schuster. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming your own boss, don’t miss this content-rich discussion!
Learn more and order Melinda’s new book at www.becomeyourownbossbook.com. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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